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Microsoft Teams - Collaboration Tools

This course covers a variety of topics in MS Teams, including meetings, chat, creating teams & channels, Teams features.

Team Owners must complete this course before they can own a team.
  • Introduction
  • Welcome to Microsoft Teams
  • Set up and customize your team
  • Go-To Guide for Team Owners
  • Organize your teams list
  • Work with external guests
  • Collaborate in teams and channels
  • Overview of teams and channels
  • Create and use private channels
  • Show and hide channels
  • Work in channels
  • Work on a file together
  • Create a plan with Planner
  • Work with posts and messages
  • Create and format a post
  • Post a message to multiple channels
  • Get attention with @mentions
  • Upload and find files
  • Upload and find files
  • Find and filter files
  • Start chats and calls
  • Start and pin chats
  • Make calls
  • Manage meetings
  • Join a Teams meeting
  • Create instant meetings with Meet now
  • Meet in a channel
  • Manage meetings
  • Show your screen during a meeting
  • Show PowerPoint slides
  • Move around during a Teams meeting
  • Tools and Commands
  • Turn a file into a tab
  • Use the command box
  • Manage your activity feed
  • Filter your activity feed
  • Manage notification settings
  • Wrap-up
  • Optional
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Welcome to Microsoft Teams, Go-To Guide for Team Owners, Organize your teams list, Overview of teams and channels, Create and use private channels, Show and hide channels, Work in channels, Work on a file together, Create a plan with Planner, Create and format a post, Post a message to multiple channels, Upload and find files, Find and filter files, Join a Teams meeting, Create instant meetings with Meet now, Meet in a channel, Manage meetings, Show your screen during a meeting, Show PowerPoint slides, Turn a file into a tab, Use the command box"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever